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1. Our ideological principles

Class struggle, fight for women’s rights and anti-racism

Class-conscious feminism is a must for building a just and democratic world. S-kvinnor’s feminism is about challenging, questioning and transforming a society for centuries governed and dominated by men.

S-kvinnor places the fight against class destinctions, the fight for women’s rights and the fight against racism side-by-side, but we also perceive other power structures and forms of discrimination. Women are not a homogeneous group and are thus affected differently by the patriarchal order of things. It is important to see different power structures and understand how they act together.

S-kvinnor’s goal is a gender-equal and equitable society where all live in freedom and have equal control over their lives and the joint development of society.

The patriarchy

Our society has essentially a patriarchal structure in which men as a group are set above women as a group. Men have greater economic, political, social and cultural power than women. This is expressed partly in the fact that men earn more money and take less responsibility in the home. Men’s violence against women, oppression and discrimination are social problems that restrict all women.


The concept of gender stresses that women and men do not form their whole identities themselves, but in relation to the society to which we all belong. Expectations differ between girls’ and boys’ and women’s and men’s behavior and expression. Only when we see and understand the structures that distinguish and evaluate the sexes differently can we combat these structures. Everybody must be able to choose their own approach to life, their opinions, expressions and sexual disposition.

Class-conscious feminism

We live in a globalized capitalist world where power and resources are concentrated to few individuals. The positive development of reduced world poverty must be shared by all and used for improving everyone’s situation. The eight richest men in the world today own more than what the poorest half of the world’s population own together. Development is pointing to growing gaps and reduced equality, both in Sweden and throughout the world.

This brutal injustice has many destructive effects. Unequal societies exhibit a lack of trust between people, and this limits everyone’s freedom and security.

Especially damaging are the class differences for the least empowered groups. The ultimate consequences of the class society are that people with less education and poorer economies suffer more ill health and live shorter lives. For this reason it is crucial that economic resources and power be distributed equally and equitably.

The feminist struggle

Popular movements and adult education are important tools in the feminist struggle. To gain power, the more we are, the stronger. S-kvinnor organizes women throughout Sweden – locally, regionally and nationally. We are developing policies and influencing social change to realize our vision of a gender-equal world.

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