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Brev till UN Women

S-kvinnor är kritiska till internationella UN Women's uttalande om sexarbete, sexuellt utnyttjande och människohandel. Genom att skilja på dessa begrepp förringar de frågor om prostitution och förminskar de bakomliggande maktstrukturerna. Läs S-kvinnors brev till UN Women nedan.

To: UN Women, Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka


Social Democratic Women in Sweden find UN Women’s note on sex work, sexual exploitation and trafficking deeply regrettable.

We express our full support to UN Women National Committee Sweden and European Women’s Lobby and other organizations in there condemnation of the note.

We state that prostitution is not a free choice. In Sweden, and other countries in Europe, purchase of sexual services is a crime.

To see prostitution as any other work is to diminishing the structures of power, where the one selling sexual services always is inferior to the one buying or organizing the buying of sex.

Nothing indicates that legalization and organization of prostitution creates greater security for the vulnerable women. The prostitution in itself is the exploitation. Furthermore there is no evidence that legalization would reduce unorganized prostitution – facts rather points to the contrary. When the availability increases the demand does the same, thereby the exploitation gets normalized.

Prostitution in all forms maintains structures of superiority and inferiority. To make a world of equality possible we need to break these structures.

Stockholm 2013-11-12


Carina Ohlsson
President Social Democratic Women in Sweden

Susanne Andersson
General Secretary Social Democratic Women in Sweden

Brevet i pdf

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