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Nelson Mandela död

Nelson Mandela

We send our warmest regards and condolences to our friends and partner organizations in South Africa, Masimanyane and Peddie Women´s Support Center, after receiving the message that Nelson Mandela has passed away on December 5 2013.

The legacy of Nelson Mandela has benefitted the South African society and he will always be remembered as a symbol of peace and freedom, for South Africa, and for the world. He enabled the fight for freedom that today lives on in organizations fighting for democracy, human rights and equality throughout South Africa.

”Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression”, he ones said.

Our sister organization Masimanyane recently visited S-kvinnor in Stockholm to exchange experiences and talk about the current situation for women in South Africa and how the work proceeds in the region of Eastern Cape.

Masimanyane and Peddie Women´s Support Center support women in the Eastern Cape region and aim to increase both women and men´s awareness of gender equality, sexual violence and HIV and aids prevention. The aim is to build the capacity of women and human rights advocates, to claim and realize women’s human rights.

S-kvinnor will continue to support and cooperate with Masimanyane and Peddie Women´s Support Center in their continuous work to empower women, increase equality and create safety and freedom.

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