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About us

As early as 1892 the first Social Democratic Women’s club was established in Stockholm. The federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden was founded in 1920, by representatives from 120 women’s clubs.

During the early decades S-kvinnor fought for child care, women’s right to education, equal pay, women’s right to abortion and against prostitution. Since then we have promoted and still promote for example equally divided parental leave, the right to full-time employment, better working conditions and women’s right to power. We also demand that more resources be granted to fight men’s violence against women and children, including honor killing.

We work for a gender-equal world, for peace and liberty for all people. We want to contribute to development centered on human beings and reduced differences in living conditions, to better meet the needs of the majority of the world’s population.

We have a long tradition of international solidarity. Since the 1950’s we have been deeply involved in issues concerning women in the developing countries.

Why a women’s organization?

Legally women have the same rights as men, but the labour market is strongly segregated between the sexes and women’s work is not properly valued. Women’s work means less income and women still perform two jobs, in the labour market and in the home children and house work are still the main responsibility for women. Women are also underrepresented in all parts of society where important decisions are made. That’s why we need a women’s organization.

The overriding goals of S-kvinnor are:

  • defend the interests of women in society,
  • influence the political debate,
  • educate women for political work.

Our organization

The S-kvinnor congress takes place every second year. It is our highest decision-making body and establishes the political orientation for the coming years.

The organization’s leadership (president, board and general secretary) is elected by the congress.

Our approximately 250 local clubs form the most important part of the organization. The clubs work with political education, political debates, influence local politics and participate in international solidarity projects. The clubs are organized in 26 districts.

All members of S-kvinnor are members of the Social Democratic Party, but not all women party members are S-kvinnor. It is not automatic membership, but an active choice.

The activities of S-kvinnor are financed by membership fees, contributions from the Social Democratic Party, and government grants.

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